Principal's Message

“If we don’t shape our kids, they will be shaped by outside forces that don’t care what our kids are in” -Dr. Louise Hart

St. Xaviers School Nevta

Dear Parents/Guardians, Students and Teachers

Greetings of Peace and Love
Fr. Sangeeth Raj, S.J., the Principal St. Xavier’s School, Nevta.

I. Fr. Sangeeth Raj, S.J., who took charge as the Principal of St. Xavier’s School, Nevta (on 1st July, 2021), would like to express my gratitude to my predecessor Fr. John Ravi, S.J., and wish him good luck and best wishes as he moves on to take up the big and challenging responsibility as the Secretary of Jesuit Education for South Asia. May God bless him with needed knowledge and wisdom to accomplish his task.

Swami Vivekananda said ‘Education should be man making and society making’. He stated education is the fundamental concept that helps in improving the thoughts of the man and the society. He promoted ‘man-making education’ which would help extensively in building the country.

St. Xavier’s School, Nevta, together with Parents and guardians and the staff takes up the responsibility of shaping up of the students to be a responsible; God fearing, Service minded and Loving citizens of our country. It also plays an important role in motivating the students to be a great learner, serious thinkers and a productive citizen of our society. St. Xavier’s Nevta remarkably and indeed an institution of hub of learning that stands to achieve the goal set by its founding fathers. It also aims to play a crucial role by admitting the children from Balwadi and economically backward classes to convert each and every student into a self-reliant and a responsible individual of our country. Fr. Stan Lourdu Swamy a ‘Champion’ and a ‘Masiha’ of the Poor, Adivasi and the underprivileged becomes an inspiration and ideal for all of us to work towards bringing justice, peace and harmony in the society.

St. Xavier’s Nevta is an educational institution run by Jesuits provides an amalgam curricular as well as co-curricular activities which would help to enhance the holistic development of the students.

Jesuits all over the world are observing from 20th May, 2021 to 31st July, 2022 as the Ignatius’ Jubilee Year. This marks the 500th year of the St. Ignatius’ conversion after the cannonball moment at Pamplona. This even set the ball rolling, which changed the very course of life and those around him. The Journey that St. Ignatius undertook compelled him to make many sacrifices, and though he thought to be easy, he found they were tough. But he struggled immensely and sought the graces of the Lord and trusted in His providential mercy and guidance. Later he taught the same to his companions and followers down the generations, and we can see we have achieved much, we are still struggling to learn new things and we can see, though we have achieved much, we are still struggling to learn new things as we move along the way. So as part of the commemoration and celebration of the jubilee year the school will organize various activities and seminars for the students and teachers over the year.

We are aware of the fact that everyone of us are affected some way or the other by the covid-19 pandemic. Our day to day life has been adversely affected due to the uncertainty around the world. I would like to share your anxiety and preoccupations and express my solidarity with you dear students and teachers and parents. The world does not know that how long this unprecedented global predicament will continue. I only pray for the safety of each one us.

In the scenario of the prevailing ambiguous context, we will continue with our online classes through Microsoft Teams platform for the students of classes 1 to 12, and wait for the situation to become normal and for the government nod to open the school. Thus I would request all the students and the parents to seriously attend their classes and do well in all the examinations to be conducted online/ offline during this academic year 2021-22. I request all the parents to keep their wards at home and ensure that they take the online classes very seriously with full attendance.

I also appreciate the entire teaching faculties of our school who have been providing the best ever possible ways to keep the students in their virtual classrooms. All our teachers have been trained to conduct the online classes using the latest gadget. Both the teaching and the non-teaching staff are tirelessly working for the benefit of our students, so that no one is deprived of the education. I sincerely thank them for their commitment and hard work.

As you enter into the school campus, the first thing that strikes you is the beautiful lush green play grounds and healthy growing trees. This is the hard work of our maintenance staff who even during the lockdown continued to work and kept the School campus green and neat & clean. I am really grateful to each one of them for their support in maintaining the ground lush green.

Finally, I extend my heartfelt gratitude towards every parent and guardian for having extended their great support with much enthusiasm and cooperation to the management and the staff to carry out their duties, so that the students uninterruptedly could carry on their studies.

Stay home, Stay safe
God Bless Us

Fr. Sangeeth Raj, S, J.
St. Xavier’s School Nevta