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General Information

St.Xavier’s School, Nevta, Jaipur, founded in 2015, is a branch school of St.Xavier’s Sr.Sec.School,C-Scheme, Jaipur managed by the Society of Jesus, an International Christian Religious Order, whose members are popularly known as Jesuits. Affiliated to CBSE, the school is an English medium co-educational institute nurturing young learners through quality education embedded in values and competence. Located in Nevta, on the outskirts of Jaipur, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the school campus enjoys a serene and tranquil atmosphere for imparting knowledge to the young minds.

The Society of Jesus has been active in the field of education throughout the world since its origin in 1540. In India the Jesuits are at present responsible for 2 Universities, 42 Colleges, 400 Schools and 10 Technical Institutions. In addition to this, the Jesuits also have few Social and Management Institutes, Scientific Research Centers, Dialogue Centers and innumerable programs on Adult and Non-Formal Education under their expert guidance.

Inspired by the principles of character formation elaborated by its founder,St. Ignatius of Loyola, St.Xavier’s School, aims at an integral and total formation of its students. To accomplish this, remarkable efforts are made by the Jesuit fathers in collaboration with a dedicated and competent staff,to guide the students to become persons with a love for learning, developing habits of critical thought, accurate expression, strength of character and moral values needed for a life that is socially meaningful and productive.

The school lays a solid foundation for the students from grade 1 up to grade 12. It is firmly built on the motto “A fire that kindles other fires”stated by its patron saint, St.Francis Xavierand aims at inspiring young men and women to be a catalyst of social transformation. At this temple of knowledge, the students are nurtured to imbibe the four Cs-Competence, Compassion, Commitment and Conscience.

Moreover,it also strives at developing in the students an awareness of God’s love, care and concern, through which they may develop love and regard for his creation. Along with secular knowledge, the school strives to form in its pupils a right conscience in their relations to God and their fellow-men, with a desire for truth, a sense of social justice, genuine concerns for others, obedience to judiciary and esteem for oneself.